Baltic Tech Happy Hour #4

Last night we've hosted the fourth Baltic Tech Happy Hour this year. Since it was on a Sunday, the crowd was fairly small. Regardless, there were quite a few interesting peeps to chat with. Here are a few Balts I talked to: 

Paulius Nagys a co-founder and director of ADEO WEB - an eCommerce solutions company from Kaunas with about 30 professionals. The company has been growing and recently decided to expand to the US market. 

Henrikas Urbonas a co-founder and CEO of INTERACTIO - a software solution that replaces interpretation hardware for live events. Church community being the main client, they have an ambitious goal to support over 5,000 events this year. 

Girmantas Neniskis is the president of the Lithuanian Surfing Association and managing director @ Spotas. That says it all. Girmantas has big plans to make surfing an olympic sport, build a water sport park in klaipeda and travel from Alaska to Patagonia while surfing the best waves along the way. Jealous!

Karolis Kosas is a talented designer and the new face in the SF Lithuanian community. We are still debating whether he was the one who designed our t-shirts. 


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